Friday, April 22, 2011

Making Cards with My Craft Club

Hey y'all!  So this is a card that I made in my crafting group 3FC.  Can you guess what this month's craft idea was?  I'll give you a hint... it's not puppies!  HAHA!  It's definitely a baby card.  The person who thought of the idea made a baby card for a baby boy and it was just DARLING!  I made mine for a person at my church who is having a baby girl.  The baby will have the same name as me just probably not spelled the same way.  Anyway.. here is what I used:
  • A M. S. border punch
  • An accordion technique in the inside
  • 140 lb. card stock for the base
  • Stick-on tulips and daisies
  • Velum Sentiment
  • Ribbon
  • Dauber for spreading glue
That's pretty much it I think.  And trust me.......  it's harder than it looks!  HAHA!

Till next time!

~ Stay Beautiful! ~ 

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